Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Some Fuji Instax pictures I took while in Australia. xx holly

NOTE: i had posted a slideshow here, but given that all the images aren't the exact same size its slightly distorting images that are already naturally a little blurry. so here is a link to my flickr page, where the quality is (somewhat) better...



Ama said...

Hi Holly!
Thanks for sharing the pictures with us. 'The Ocean' is my favorite one. It's a beautiful place to spend your vacation, I hope you had a really great time in Australia.

I just want to say that I love your music since the JG. The Magician's Private Library is always on my playlist, you're a very talented song writer and have an amazing voice (and you even play the instruments). Not many (media proclaimed) artists can do that, so more power to you.

Can't wait to listen to new songs from you.

XO, Amy

Fede said...

Holly, I've just heard you for the very first time 5 minutes ago. I am a big fan of Jeff Buckley and I was surprised by your cover on youtube. You left me speechless, your voice moved me, you have a beutiful gift. Thank you for sharing that with the world. Keep doing great music.
By the way... you have a new fan.

John Hill said...

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