Saturday, January 01, 2011

Download my cover of Sparklehorse's "Hundreds Of Sparrows" .. Recorded last year in my home studio.. I just really wanted to give something away today. To start the new year with a gift. Hopefully it doesn't get me in trouble...

Happy New Year!

RIP Mark Linkous, Your presence will be greatly missed.


Anonymous said...

Oh, this is a LOVELY gift! One of my fave covers of yours. The music you make is great,I hope you don't get deterred from sharing by the slightly erm, colourful fan stuff floating around on the net, most of us are interested for the right reasons! Best album I bought in 2010 x

*cosmic freak* said...

Hurm, although I feel weird downloading my own gift which is more like a public gift, but it is a great one. Thanks. Much love.

- Abby -