Saturday, October 25, 2008

passion pit

Saw a very few CMJ shows yesterday.. The best being Passion Pit @ Pianos. Their set was cut short because of change over times and maybe some technical issues. (welcome to cm-heeeyyy) But the four songs they played made me "so fucking happy" as i told them after the show.


Then we headed over to the Fader party on Bowery and Delancey. Maybe it was just the sound of the room, but I was having a really hard time getting into the mood there. Saw Ponytail and Crystal Antlers. Crystal is the new Black. Black was the new Wolf. Wolf was the new The.

Crystal Antlers

We then ventured to Mercury for the Other Lives set. Been hearing a lot about this band, mostly from their Manager Phil Costello. They were all he had professed them to be and more. Definetly worth the $24 dollars we paid to get in. I can't wait to get their record and see them again live.

Other Lives

and now I am home with a little time off to work on projects. Look for new car demos from the back of the van on The Wedding Present.


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nikkinicole said...

Dude, Passion Pit is fuckin' amazing!