Tuesday, October 21, 2008

here is (very quickly) what i recall from the tour we just did with the wedding present:

Boston: competing with Red Sox game for the crowds attention. Philly: blew a fuse in my amp and no one was willing to let me borrow theres. so we plugged two guitars into josh's amp, awesome. not. DC: loving the Black Cat so much and everyone that runs that joint. good times. staying at Timmy's mothers house and finding out that a friend passed away on the way there. crying till 5 am. Chapel Hill: Swollen eyes. playing to a small crowd at the back of the room. later finding out that the "blue devils" shirt i was wearing is the enemy of the chapel hill team, and that's why no one would come closer?? whatever. meeting nelle, who later wrote us a poem incorporating lyrics from every song off the record. amazing! Asheville: tequilla shots with bartenders, a dog named "creepy".. got a new crystal in downtown asheville the next morning which i've already given away. take good care of that one amy. Atlanta: best sound ever. good free food, lots of frisbee action in the parking lot. lost in memories of this city. Birmingham: watching the debate with a crowd of people. meeting john the photographer who seems to know half of the people i know in brooklyn. including you. day off. driving to austin. stopped in jackson and had the best meal of my life. soul food. now i understand why its called that. austin: last show of the tour. britt daniels was at rubys, then again at our show. funny. a sound guy who could have cared less that there was a band on stage. horrible horrible sound. drunk performance. homemade t-shirts with custom lyrics for each person. incredible. sign my boob? ok! derek jeeters upstairs. drunk handshake "thank you?" "thank you" <-- DJ. killer fleas. good band. drive home, two days straight. stopped in tennessee stayed the night at day star ranch. couldn't sleep. missed mema. decided to take lady home with me really soon. 4 dogs now. wow. so many memories there. home.

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