Sunday, November 21, 2010

<3 it . xx


Jake said...
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Jake said...

Hello, Is it at all possible to get a copy of 'High Above the City?' I had one of the original copies from 2004 (personally signed with the drawing of the cityscape in green marker), but after moving around the country several times, it has been missing for 1 year and I must have moved without it! I fortunately had 5 of the songs saved to my computer including 'Burn' and 'Diagnosis', but I never took the time to import all 20 songs. I had other favorites including 'Kiss the Sun', 'Must've Been', and 'Shadows on the Ceiling.' The songs really help me get through difficult times and are uplifting. I don't mind purchasing the CD again. I can also send an mp3 of one of the songs to prove that I did once own a copy. Please, please let me know if it's possible to hear the other 15 songs again. Thanks!