Tuesday, July 07, 2009

random screen shots of june... some are easier than others.. any guesses ?


Alex 'BuckyBit' Covic said...

hehe..the first and last, I really don't know.

the QVC is hard too, because the person is so tiny.

The middle pic 'could' be Stevie Wonder late 1970's/early 80's???
(I am not google-searching)

And the name of the cow with Peter also slips my mind - is this a parody of 'Pulp Fiction' in that episode?

Please resolve the mysteries - after grilling us some more days/weeks first;-)

nina. said...

the last is that se7en somethingsomething video with lil kim and camilla grey

Mareey Elle said...


Draycus said...

The ladder one is a classic. Reminds me of this one..