Friday, June 26, 2009

Hello! Just a quick note to say Hello and Welcome! Thanks to everyone who came out and saw Timmy, Marques and I over the last few weeks while we were on the road with AA Bondy! It was an AMAZING experience (to say the least)... below are a few links to images from the tour and a really nice review from our show in Chicago.

ALSO I am sooooo excited to announce my next show! It will be in New York on July 25th with Joan As Police Woman!!! I am extremely honored to be sharing the stage with Ms. Wasser.. (holy crow.. seriously) GET YOUR TICEKTS NOW!

July 25th @ 92y tribeca
200 Hudson St, New York, NY
doors @ 8pm, show @ 9pm
$15 tickets < -- tickets

Try to stay dry until then...

holly <-- photos from milwaukee, wi <-- photos from columbus, oh <--- review from chicago, il


karen said...

hey holly :)
i love your music and i think your band is amazing. ive been searching for all your videos on youtube this weekend. i wish i was at one of your live sessions!

anyways, i actually live in hong kong and i really really want your ep! but unfortunately, the hmv here doesnt have them. do you know any other possible way i could buy an ep?

holly miranda said...

hi karen, you can order the ep online through my website.

thank you for the support! let me know if you need any more help..


karen said...

thanks holly
ill definitely check your website :)

hope summer is going well - will you be busy with shows?


saturnfingers ghost said...

"you are worth hundreds of sparrows"