Wednesday, May 06, 2009

the ep's are here... you can get them online next week, or you can drop by my apt and pick one up... and give me a back massage? make me kale? buy me a pony? xo holly


Cuca said...

I'd be knocking on your door right now if I didn't live in Mexico :)
I'm a good cook too, so in my opinion it's your loss, ha. I'm kidding.
I'm totally ready to purchase the EP online.
Thanks for the update!

Brady said...

i supposed i can wait until you come to san francisco with A.A. Bondy (is that definitely happening?), but are you selling the EP digitally or online? i see that rough trade is selling it, but it would be awesome not to pay for the EP in pounds. :)

Miss Ramona said...

We would make you an awesome mojito and let you pet our super cute pugs, cuter than ponies even. My husband and I saw you at the Ace in April and were totally floored. I've been telling everyone I know about you and keep listening to your stuff on myspace. Your cover of "Lover, You Should Have Come Over" continues to haunt me. Can't wait 'till you are out west again!!