Friday, November 21, 2008

yesterday on the last half of the drive form new york to denton, tx i watched this movie. it really hits close to home for me, my granfather worked for General Motors for 60 years and still receives a pention that makes he and my grandmothers lives possible, not to mention my mentally handicapped aunt and uncle. my father also worked for GM in high school, my uncle doug for many years and my aunt rhonda. this is probably a likely story for anyone from detroit. seeing the current state of the automotive industry and how GM in squabbling for a bail out, seeing this movie right now is absolutely baffling! it made me cry, a lot.

also, i saw this on timmy's blog today and wanted to share it as well. i went to the chapel of sacred mirrors last week and it blew my mind. i can't believe i have lived in new york so long and never been here. i'm also not sure how long it has been around. here is a trailer from the documentary they made of it. Alex Grey is the artist and man in this video. enjoy.



Cuca said...

Alex Grey is amazing, to say the least. He actually is the one who does all the artwork for the band Tool. One of my favorite artists.
And the movie "Who Killed The Electric Car? looks very interesting. I'll have to find a way to get it and watch it.
Thanks for sharing and good luck on tour!


tamara aka mico said...
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tamara aka mico said...
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Aaron said...

Wow, Holly, thanks! I've never heard of that CoSM place, and I've lived here my whole life. I have to go check that out.