Friday, August 08, 2008

Required viewing for anyone with a brain.

make it past the first 20 mintues. skip it if you have to. but watch the rest of this.


Jay said...
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Jay said...

Ok, i know where this is going.
( I stopped at 2min in, i'll get back to it later )

I used to read an eastern speaker named Jiddu Krishnamurti. There are videos of him floating around.

His best work was 'the awakening of intelligence' in my opinion.

He speaks of religious experience, which I have had. Take 3 tabs of good LSD like I did, and you'll get there.

I don't recommend it without preparation, because if you bad trip, it can mess you for life, which I have seen.

You go beyond the I, the ego, the physical, and see the energy that makes up trees etc, and the joy you feel is insane.

However, "the selfish gene" by Richard Dawkins comes in. This religious state is unsustainable.

like being "in love" in just not good for the progression of the species. We wouldn't get anything done....and the our genes, that use our bodies as hosts, will force us to procreate, to move 'forward'.

That said, I think everyone should take LSD under strict supervision once a month as a reminder that the divine exists, and to provide perspective to an overly materialized human experience.

Hopefully the vid was about the above. If it was about Seymour Duncan pickups...forget what I wrote.

Raimy Rosenduft said...

What's amazing is that they basically did this on no budget and all at home.

Jay said...

So, I tried watching it. Ugh. I've seen this stuff before. It's like a prelude to Dawkins. Almost as if, first you have to go through the shock of finding out about religious damage...then, you're ready for Dawkins, who's the next step on the rung to understanding...the "how it
happened analysis part, after the crime scene has been cleaned up"

So, I'm guessing Zeitgeist is about the bullshit Religions have pulled on us, and how it's about power, money and domination over the world.

Here's Dawkins anwsering questions at a womans college:

Great stuff...although, I'm baffled by his hesitancy when answering the question, 'where do we get our morality from?"...from the believers in god, as if we needed an outside force to develop a sense of morality. Considering our ancestry. 50 people bands roaming around the planet. You screw over one of the 50 and it's found out about, you were killed or beaten. Evolutionarily it would make profound sense to develop shame and guilt to keep aggressive impulses in check. This is Freuds "superego". ie You: "I want to kill that guy". Superego: "Don't do that, you'll go to jail and suffer greatly"

Simplistically, the problem with treating people like shit, is, they'll treat you like shit back in either an obvious and viewable way, or in an insidious way. There's nothing 'mystical' to me about this stuff called 'good' and 'bad' action. I mean packs of animals have this worked out just fine thanks. Mistreat the alpha male or alpha female, and you'll pay for it. Good thing too...because it's that alpha male that is strong and protects the tribe. SO, don't be stupid.

If as a species we're to evolve, I think it would be hugely beneficial to understand the mechanics of religion and politics so that the b.s. they pull can never be pulled again. I think this is the next step.

I'd suggest this: Knock off grade 10 and 11 maths....who needs it?

And instead, teach hardcore critical thinking for one.

Then teach about hypnosis and the power of language and it's power on the human mind.

The Bible is full of some pretty slick languaging. And politicians are masters of answering a question without answering a question.

If enough people know about this, a critical mass will be reached where this nonsense cannot ever be gotten away with.

That's the mass hypnosis via media and religious texts part.

But, there's still unchecked evil impulses from the big 12 families that make up the Federal Reserve.

For this I don't have any answers.

Anyhoo, watch the Dawkins, very interesting.